Over the past few years Hope for Freedom has grown from a few people that were heartbroken over the tragedy of human trafficking to a movement that includes hundreds of volunteers and community leaders participating together to end modern-day slavery. We have seen the tide of awareness rise through our school programs and clubs and have equipped hundreds of volunteers to address this issue. We have been able to see firsthand the transformation that comes when survivors live in physical freedom and in the freedom found in Jesus Christ.

The work of Hope for Freedom is just getting started, and in 2018 we decided to expand our reach to serve boys and girls, men and women, both domestically and nationwide. With our expanded reach we will offer supportive comprehensive services including; intensive case management, quality medical care, professional counseling, therapy, life skills development, tutoring, transportation and mentoring.

As a church, we know that we have been called to shine the light of God into the dark places. Thank you for joining us in this fight to put an end to modern-day slavery in our region and around the world. Together we can make a difference.